Our next Council Meeting will be held on Friday, June 21st @ 3 p.m. hosted in our Ogden and Pocatello Offices. To join via Zoom click this link.

Please enjoy this video of our Bear River Massacre Memorial, held on January 29th, 2024.
Aishen (thank you) to our guests & members that came. Sending warmth & well wishes to family & friends who could not be there with us.

We’re grateful to be able to restore the Bear River Massacre land to give it new life. A rebirth.

There are significant ecological benefits from what we are doing with this restoration project.
More to come on our journey as we improve the water quality, remove invasive species, and restore native plants and animals. In the future, we’ll construct an amphitheater and walking trails, and build a cultural interpretive center.
Watch this PBS story here to find out more about why this land is sacred to us.


Hunters that still need to report their take, must do so by end of the day March 1st, 2024 or will risk losing their hunting rights next season.

Download form by clicking on the link below.  

2023 Tribal Hunting Conservation Report Form

Email the completed form to ptimbimboo@nwbshoshone.com or bring in person to Ogden office.

As a reminder, during hunting seasons, you will need to text DWR (801) 725-8993 the complete info found below.

Northwestern Band Shoshone
Name of hunter(s)
Area being hunted
Days when hunting
Animal being hunted
Region Eight Tribal Environmental Council 
Job Opening – *open until filled

RETEC Administrator Job Description 2024-2-3

To apply send your resume and completed job application found below to jwalker@nwbshoshone.com.