EPA / Roads Program


The Mission of the Transportation Planning Department is to provide planning coordination and oversight for the NWBSN’s PL93-638 Transportation Planning Contract and Government to Government (G2G) with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Northwest Region, Portland, Oregon. The Indian Reservation Roads program provides funding for the NWBSN’s Transportation Contract to develop a Transportation Plan and roads inventory for the Tribe’s reservation roads. Jason S Walker is the Tribal Transportation Planner and is responsible for overseeing the NWBSN’s Transportation Planning Contract with the BIA, NW Region. We are providing oversight for the Tribes’ transportation planning contract with the assistance of the Area office. The Tribe is in the process of working on the Bear River Historic Trails Project and also a road/parking lot at the proposed Boa Ogoi Cultural Interpretive Center near Preston, Idaho.

The transportation Department for the NWBSN spans roads in Idaho and Utah.


Environmental Protection:

The NWBSN operates two EPA funded grants: The Clean Air Act (CAA) 103 air grant and the Indian General Assistance Program grant. These grants are awarded to the tribe for Environmental Protection of the all environmental related activities of the Tribe.

Contact Jason S Walker for questions about road projects or EPA related inquiries jwalker@nwbshoshone.com

View from Washakie Reservation Land toward Brigham City, UT

1/21/22 – Click the button below to view/download the Bear River Historic Trails Project proposal.