Boa Ogoi (Wuda Ogwa) Cultural Interpretive Center

In 2019, the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation began fundraising efforts to build a cultural interpretive center on recently acquired land adjacent to the Bear River Massacre site. Thanks to contributions from GSBS Architects, The State of Utah, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and many partners and individual donors, this idea is on its way to becoming a reality.

Fundraising is still ongoing, but the pieces are in place, and the tribe anticipates breaking ground in 2024.
Would you like to help?
If you’d like to volunteer your time or resources, please email Maria Moncur at or call 435-339-0159

To make a donation to the project, click the BOA OGOI logo image to visit the website. You may’ve noticed both BOA OGOI and WUDA OGWA listed for our project name. That’s because we are in the process of rebranding the sacred name of BOA OGOI to WUDA OGWA which means “Bear River” in  Shoshone.

*Watch for the new website(s) in mid-Spring to better understand the reason for the change, receive updates, and follow the progress of our project.


Boa Ogoi or Big River in the native Shoshone language is the name of the massacre of more than 400 Shoshone in Southeast Idaho. It was the single largest loss of Native American Life in the history of the country. This video was created to educate and support fundraising for the new Shoshone Cultural Interpretive Center.

Thank you to our donors and partners for making this possible