·         February 19th, 2021 (Friday) Create News Letter & mail out

(upcoming election, election committee vacancies.)


·         March 8th -12th 2021        Election Committee will meet.


·         April 16th 2021 (Friday)        Build and Maintain address list.  Enrollment provides Election Committee with address list.


·          May 1st 2021 (Saturday).  Filling Fees are DUE. If mailing, must be post marked by       May 1st 2021


·         May 14th 2021 (Friday)

Send newsletter out informing members of candidacies


·         May 28th 2021 (Friday)      Official Ballots will be mailed out.


·         June 15th 2021 (Tuesday) ELECTION DAY


·         June 16th 2021 (Wednesday) Initial Results Posted


·         June 23rd 2021 (Wednesday) Last Day to file Disputes. will post certified results by 4:30 pm


·         July 1st or 2nd 2021          (Thursday or Friday)        Elected Officials sworn in.