Until further notice, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Fort Hall Agency, is closing the lobby access to the building. This is in order to reduce exposure of staff and customers to each other regarding COVID-19. Access into the building will only be as far as the initial doors whereas the drop box will be available for customers to drop off necessary documents. If you are in need of assistance feel free to contact anyone of the respective branches for assistance. By contacting one of the branches we will strive to mail you necessary documentation individuals will request. These are necessary steps in order to help in protecting the General Public from the COVID-19 virus. We will notify the general public when the lobby will be open for customer service. If you feel you are in need of one on one service with a particular Branch please notify the appropriate contact and arrangements can be made. You can reach any one of the following branches by the following information. Administration – 208.238.2301 Realty – 208.238.2307 Tech Services – 208.238.2305 Range – 208.238.2311 Probates – 208.241.6469 OST/IIM – 208.252.2322 1.888.678.6836